Erudite Entertainer ★ Master of Ceremonies ★ Prestidigitator ★ Raconteur ★
Top Notch Prevaricator ★ Psychic Debunker ★ Sophist ★ Resident Expert ★
Fraud Exposer ★ Ontologist ★ Author ★ Occasionally Funny Person ★ Pseudo Scientist ★ Award Winning Magician ★ All-Around Nice Guy

As originator of “Panamagic” and “Professor Fates Original Products”, Panama Jack has been entertaining and amazing audiences for over 25 years. So check us out!

About Panama Jack Magic

“incola ingeniosus ille”

Panama jack! Is he a magician posing as a professor …a professor masquerading as a magician…or just a plain old con man? Well, seeing is believing! One thing certain is that you will never know just what to expect from him except it will be something weird, strange, and/or unique and definitely entertaining.

Panama Jack is the act you will love and can tailor the performance to the needs of you and your organization. Magic…whether it’s stage, close-up, parlor, cabaret, Panama Jack in the magician you want!

Join Panama and his doppelgänger, the venerable Professor Phinias Fate on a magical journey you’ll be talking about for a long time! So hold on to your hats and get to know the man under his: Panama Jack and magic from beyond the realm of science and reality!

Voted #1 magician of 2024!

Some of the organizations that have employed Panama Jack: Woodlands Community Theater Variety shows, Project Graduation, Public Libraries, Schools, NE Washington Fair, Parkview Retirement, Allegro: Baroque and Beyond (Festival Stage Magician), Inland Northwest Freethought Society, Rural Resources Community Action, Town Festivals and Celebrations, An Evening of Magic 1, 2, & 3 with fellow Master Magician Tedrick Pancoast.

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“I have seen Panama Jack perform on numerous occasions. He is a gifted magician. Love his shows.”
Dale Wilson Executive Director, Olympia Community Action

“Panama Jack performed at our Rotary meeting, and it was fantastic and refreshingly different from the usual meeting presenter. He is entertaining, charming, and (un)believable!”
Lynn O'Connor Past President, Rotary Club of Colville

“Panama Jack made me shake my head in disbelief! As a skeptic: I was sure that I could catch what he was doing, I was sure that I could figure it out. But I never did! In the end he made a believer out of me. Magic is real, and it lives on stage with Panama Jack. Make sure you catch his performance because - Seeing is believing!”
Nancy Christopher Public Relations Chair Woodland Theatre Productions

“An infectious smile, a twinkle in his eye, and the fastest sleight of hand you NEVER saw -- THAT is Panama Jack! From close-up card tricks to very sophisticated magic, to clever props, the family-friendly show will stun and delight all ages.”
Jon Bowne, President Spokane Magic Club

“Panama Jack, you are the best! Your magic is so, so…but you are the best.”
Panama’s Mom

“Our group, the Inland Northwest FreeThought Society, combined forces with another group for a "Panama Jack & Hat Tricks" Magic Show last spring. We had about 50 attendees who ranged from age 3 to 83, and everybody just loved it - and laughed all the way through. Can't recommend an entertainer and educator more highly -- what a wonderful and memorable Saturday morning that was! ”
Elizabeth Rose, INFS VP

What Penn and Teller say about Panama Jack!
Penn: “Never heard of him”
Teller: “.....................”

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